Maximo mobile


We have familiarized ourselves with Maximo Mobile and developed customized configurations. Feel free to reach out to us to acquire Maximo Mobile for your specific needs

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Teknologia 23 -event


Maxipoint Oy presentation in Teknologia 23 -event "Maintenance system and machine learning visual inspection" (In Finnish)

Software Services


Hello, we have extended our business scope and we can provide also software production services and in bigger sowtware production on subcontracted basis as well. MaxiPoint is located in Tampere Finland and typically we do remote work. We know very well IBM Maximo environments, integrations, creation of add-on solutions, master data management etc.

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Please, let me know how we could perhaps serve you!


Cost Forecasting, 1.3.2021
Kustannusennuste kuvaajat

MaxFuture is an artificial intelligence solution for forecasting costs based on historical cost data

Meters in MaxNav


Click here to read more about meters in MaxNav.

Promaint Webinar

See the recording of our Promaint webinar. 16.6.2020